laika hybrid

Laika Hybrid token is stage one of the Space Dogs initiative to launch a satellite into space. This token pays homage to the intrepid spirit of the first canine cosmonaut, Laika.

hybrid bridge

Interact with your Laika Token Here!

Token Features

  • What is a Hybrid Token?

    This is an innovative combination of NFTs with exchangeable tokens built on the Solana token standard, SPL22. Users are able to bridge between NFT and exchangeable tokens.
  • Supply

    1,000 NFTs x 1,000,000 Tokens (Total 1 Billion Tokens)
  • Benefits

    Fair Launch Inscription
    Hybrid DeFi Capability
    Two Liquidity Pools. One for NFTs, one for Tokens
  • Recommended Wallets

    Hybrid Tokens (SPL22) work best with Phantom and Backpack wallets

how to get your token

  • Get a Solana Wallet - Backpack or Phantom
  • Add Solana balance to the wallet
  • Follow link below to Mint
  • Connect your Solana wallet
  • Mint your Laika Hybrid NFT
  • Creator fee will vary between 0.1 and 0.2 SOL per mint
  • Note

    Initial mint is limited to 667 NFTs. The remaining 333 NFTs are assigned to a liquidity pool (LP). Each mint fee is distributed into the LP. Once all the NFTs have been minted, the LP will become available for trading!

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