Blast off on a decentralized journey to the stars with Space Dogs

The crypto project fueled by community and aimed at launching a satellite into space!

Our Mission

To become a leading force in decentralized space exploration, empowering communities to participate in groundbreaking celestial endeavours!

Satellite in Orbit

Launch a purpose-driven satellite

Whether it's collecting vital Earth data or showcasing stunning space art, your voice shapes the mission.

Partner with industry leaders

We're teaming up with established satellite and rocket companies to ensure a smooth and cost-effective journey.

Unlock the future of space

Build a sustainable model for decentralized space exploration, paving the way for future community-driven endeavors.


Token Mechanics

Token Release 1

Solana Hybrid Token

Token Release 2

Ethereum Token

Hybrid Token

NFT x 1,000,000 Tokens

Total Supply (Capped)


Transaction Tax (Applies only to Ethereum Token)



Every Space Dogs transaction fuels our cosmic journey with a 1% fee. Half of this fee powers the satellite mission, directly funding construction and launch costs. The other half fuels ongoing development, marketing, and community engagement, ensuring our rocketship keeps soaring! This transparent fee structure guarantees that every transaction propels us closer to the stars, together.

Space Dog 1Space Dog 2Space Dog 3

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roadmap to Launch

Our mission to success

  1. Phase 1Upcoming

    Launch the Space Dogs tokens. Build a vibrant community through social media, AMAs, and community. Secure listings on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

  2. Phase 2

    Partner with established satellite and rocket ride-share companies. Design and develop the Space Dogs satellite (tentatively named WoofSat-1) with a specific purpose (e.g., space weather monitoring, educationalimagery, or amateur radio relay). Finalize launch parameters and timeline.

  3. Phase 3

    Execute the WoofSat-1 launch. Stream the launch live and celebrate with the community. Continue growing the Space Dogs ecosystem and explore future space endeavors.

ready to join?

The universe awaits. Let's explore it together


Frequently Asked Questions

Space Dogs is a crypto project with a mission to launch a community-driven satellite into space. Through a 1% transaction tax, the project builds a funding pool used for development, launch, and future space endeavors.

You decide! The Space Dogs community will vote on the satellite's purpose, ranging from scientific data collection to showcasing art in space.

  • Scientific: Carrying instruments to monitor Earth's climate, study space phenomena, or observe celestial bodies.

  • Artistic: Deploying a creative artwork visible from Earth, symbolizing the power of decentralized collaboration.

  • Hybrid: Combining scientific research with an artistic element, maximizing the satellite's impact.

  • Every 1% transaction tax gets split in two:

  • 50% fuels the satellite mission: This directly funds construction, launch, and operational costs.

  • 50% powers ongoing development and community: This supports marketing, technical updates, and initiatives to engage our amazing community.

  • We aim to launch within 12-18 months from the token launch date, but this depends on funding pool growth and partner negotiations. We'll keep everyone updated with transparent progress reports.

    There are many ways to join the Space Dogs adventure!

  • Get your Space Dogs tokens: Participate in the token launch and become a voting member of the community.

  • Shape the mission: Vote on the satellite's purpose, payload, and even its design!

  • Spread the word: Share Space Dogs with your network and invite others to join the cosmic movement.

  • Follow us on social media: Stay up-to-date with the latest news and connect with the vibrant community.

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